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Client  Reviews

I had my first Reiki session with Nadia and it was amazing. She set out what the session entailed clearly. Not knowing what to expect I was really surprised during the session to feel the healing/heat in her hands across my body during the treatment. I felt relaxed throughout the session.

During the session she pointed out she felt a presence of medical issues that I was not worried about at the time one being stomach problems but felt they would be fine which I did check with my doctor and was later confirmed. Thankfully all healed now.


Leaving the session I came out feeling the calm and at peace with myself for some time afterwards which encouraged me to continue further sessions back in the UK to have really enjoyed the benefits of the treatment. I find it a great way to de-stress and focus my mind in a holistic way.

I thoroughly recommend Nadia if you are interested in Reiki, she has a fantastic approach and makes you feel so comfortable as I was new to this approach and process"

Clem in London, England

This was my first time experiencing a Reiki session and I must say that my experience was great she touched areas that I didn’t think of. I have had trouble sleeping amongst other things and after my session with her I was able to have a peaceful night thanks to her. Nadia was Awesome I will be booking more sessions with her. Thank you

Candance in Delaware

I love reiki and a strong believer in energy healing. For the first time I tried a distant reiki session with Nadia and it was an amazing experience. Nadia called me to schedule the appointment at first. We talked for a moment about my personal problems that I was dealing with and she reassured me that a distant reiki is as effective as an in person session. After my reiki session I felt lighter. I felt like my true self and could see things more clear. Nadia called me to check in and we talked about all things that came up during the session that I haven't mentioned over the phone! I will definitely schedule another session! Nadia is truly a blessed healer!

Paulina in Philadelphia

I had heard of reiki before but never tried it. Nadia is easy to talk to and thoroughly explained what it was and how distance reiki could be of benefit to me. Our first session was a bit overwhelming but the negative feelings slowly drifted away. I feel it has helped with my anxiety and overall wellness. Im on a path to inner healing and am thankful to Nadia for all her help in this process. I'd recommend anyone to try.

Rachel, Barbados 

The distance Reiki helped me a lot. The pain is gone like a miracle. That burning nerve pain I no longer have.

Annie in Greene, NY

I had a much needed distance Reiki session with Nadia that was lovely. We spoke before the session to discuss any issues that I would like her to focus on. Within a very short time into my session,I was able to feel and sense Nadia tuning into my energy.  That's an awesome experience whether giving or receiving Reiki. I was very relaxed for several days after and as always, slept like a baby.  Nadia contacted me the next day to check in and ask how I was feeling. For anyone that hasn't tried a Reiki session yet, I can honestly say that you don't know what you could be missing.  Give it a try! Nadia is very professional and extremely tuned in. She even addressed areas that we had discussed weeks prior to my session that I forgot to ask her to work on.  She's listening! Looking forward to my next session and if you aren't able to book one, I highly recommend her online Zoom Reiki/meditation group! You will thank yourself

Donna in Long Island, NY

Absolutely amazing experience. I have had a few reiki sessions with Nadia and they are phenomenal. She takes her time and you can feel the heat coming off your body. I look forward to our next session all the time. She's absolutely amazing and would recommend anyone who is looking for a different experience to contact her. Trust me you'll not be disappointed. Thank you Nadia from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity I look forward to our next session.

Ken in Long Island, NY